Friday, October 2, 2009

Sixth day in Italy

The weather here, in Como, is great and the air feel very clean. Today we are heading to Lugano-Switzerland. Como and Lugano is only 30 km. apart. People there use Italian language as well. The view is awesome! I love Switzerland view, the lake the city and the cleaness of it. We walked around the market and shops area. Today is daddy birthday so we stopped by at Bally and bought him belt for the gift

After walk sound the downtown area, we are heading back to Italy and next station is Milano! After the bus dropped us of we took a taxi to Montenapoleon where all the high brand shops are located. After finished shopping, we walked to ....Doumo which is the only Ghotic style Duomo before turning into Galleria.

Galleria is a very nice shopping area which has still kept the beautiful old time architecture untill now. The shops there are trying to camofloug to match the style of plaza. The guide said that McDonald's on Galleria is probably the most beatiful branch in the world.

Near the center lied an important piece of this plaza. It is a spot where people believe if they make a wish there by one of your heal touching the spot on the ground while turning for 3 rrounds then your wish will come true. Of course I did make my wish there and let see if it comes true.

We decided to have birthday dinner at a high-end thai restaurant called Busarakum. It is a gorgious place and very well decorated. We left around 9pm after a buch of food and 2 bottles of Prosecco!